Having a Good Girl Bathroom Ideas

Having a good girl bathroom ideas are very easy. You can put pictures of your family or your children. Games color pattern can also be used such as blends of blue, yellow and purple. If you have a small space, you can use more minimalist furniture or by creating a hanging rack that you can place on the wall or in the corner of your home. You do not only have utility, but also it can be used to beautify your room. Bathrooms for girl has different zoom from bathroom adults. If the girls are in a private bedroom, there’s no harm to spoil your girl by designing a bathroom as they wish. It can encourage the girl to shower more easily because as we all know that small children are often fussy when bath time.

However, the design of bathrooms for boys cannot be equated with the girl bathroom ideas. Though both like design that adopts knickknacks cartoon, but their favorite cartoon character is different. Boys would prefer colored bathrooms expressly such as red or blue, while girls usually chose soft colors like pink. Unlike the boys, the girls’ bathroom design is more muted and subtle. Girls usually like cartoons or a kind of stuffed funny animals such as Barbie, Frozen or more frequently encountered such as Hello Kitty.

The main concept for Hello Kitty as girl bathroom ideas is a light pink color. To make it not seem tacky, choose soft pink and not hot pink. For a girl bathroom walls, use a small pink and white ceramic piece for the impression of light, or pink and maroon for darker impression. Apply the same thing on the bathroom floor. As for bathroom furniture, choose a white color combined with matching pink. Complete design of your child’s bathroom with towels and shower curtain picture of Hello Kitty. If necessary, find a mirror, rugs and trash Hello Kitty shaped head.

girl bathroom ideas 2016

To be more beautiful, not hurt if you also put soap, toothbrush, and scoop which has Hello Kitty motif. Change also a rubber duck that used to accompany the child a bath with a small Hello Kitty made of rubber. Lastly, stick Hello Kitty stickers on the doors, the periphery of the mirror, until the tissue box. Hopefully some information of girl bathroom ideas that I have given you can give a bit of inspiration and make you more easily decorating the room for the baby.


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