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Bathroom floor tile ideas that will be used on a wet bathroom space have its own needs. Therefore, select carefully.  Selection of ceramic floor tiles depends on the exact type of bathroom that you want. All floors should be suitable to be used safely even in wet conditions though. If the bathrooms are for children and the elderly, prioritize security issues. We recommend using textured tile floor or an anti-slip surface (slippery) because there is often water or humidity. While ceramic with glossy surface or not textured, preferably it is used on ceramic bathroom wall. This makes the bathroom would be easily cleaned from residual soap, fungi, or mildew. For bathroom floor tile ideas, note the direction of water flow. Because it is often sprayed water then needs to be directed toward the floor slope of the discharge (about 1%). Floor size that is not too large will help to direct the water flow. Well, for the sake of convenience that will be created in the bathroom, of course, use a nice and clean floor. Choose ceramic that is not easily broken. It is very difficult to choose the tiles that fit to the bathroom. When adjusted with the environmental motif, it will certainly look comfortable and beautiful. To choose the bathroom floor tile ideas and pattern, it will determine the beauty and atmosphere in the bathroom that is very influential in aesthetics. If you choose wrong motives, it will reduce the value of an impression and could even eliminate the beauty of the structure. Therefore, in choosing, do not be wrong to select the hue of nice ceramic. When you choose the tiles for the bathroom, you should consider to prior to select a slick texture or not. If it is slick, sure it is not installed because it would harm. Well to facilitate you in making your bathroom tile design, you should really be extra careful. You can specify the design or motif that will be applied in your bathroom. Choose to create a harmonious atmosphere. Then you just use the same color tile on the floors and walls of the bathroom. And it is good to select a different size for wall and floor tiles. Ago to create interesting visual effects, then you can also install the tile diagonally. For color choices, it is up to you but you have to be able to adjust the state of your environment at home. Well you can use bright and clean paint colors. Well, to create a modern bathroom, you can also apply a design that fits to the paint that you have prepared. If you want the bright enough colors, you can add color stable bathroom floor tile ideas.